Besides embellishing your home’s façade, siding provides protection to the exterior of your home by covering the walls. It shields the walls from wind, rain, and any weather element that could potentially harm the integrity. At Golden Star Renovations, we’ve been providing Dallas County residents with top-notch siding services for commercial and residential clients, for over 14 years. Expect quality with our work.

Siding is made from different materials such as wood, vinyl, metal, fiber cement, and more. Each material has its own advantage that could work best for your needs and budget. At the end of the day, we make certain our services are customizable and tailored to your preferences. This way, we ensure customer satisfaction in each project we take. We’re not satisfied until you are.

Siding Installation

If you’re ready to install siding to your home, it’s important that you do it right. Besides increasing your property’s value, siding gives the exterior of your house or business much-needed protection from outside elements. The weather can compromise the structure of your property without a shield covering it. You mainly want to protect your home or business from moisture. Water can promote mold, rotting, and weakening of the walls and foundation. With proper installation, you ensure that the siding lasts for a long time and consequently, actually protects your walls. Therefore, contact a team of professionals with the correct equipment and craftsmanship to do it for you.

Siding Replacement & Repair

Siding can fade when it’s exposed to the sun with time. When this happens, it’s time for a replacement or repair. With vinyl siding, for example, it’s fairly easy to replace the damaged parts. However, finding the exact match for the siding you’re looking to replace can get tricky. With wood siding, it’s very important to be even more careful when replacing it because it’s a little delicate and without the proper know-how, you risk breaking it. Because wood is a natural product, it can get rotten so, in order to risk costlier damages in the future, it’s best to replace it before it’s too late. Lastly, if you’re thinking on changing to a metal siding, due to its longevity and easy maintenance, count on our team of experts to efficiently install it for you.

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